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Хохлов Владимир
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Хохлов Владимир

Vladimir Khokhlov's pictures are classical landscapes of the Russian nature. Judging by the pictures presented in our catalog, the artist among numerous subjects for the works chooses such which correspond more to his internal spirit and preferences. As it is possible to see, in pictures images of the rivers and coastal space which together form traditional composition for a landscape cloth prevail. The artist, apparently, admires and admires beauty of early morning on the river, the beginning of new day, in the serene afternoon, evening twilight. All scenes look so natural that it is necessary to be surprised how the hand of the person could draw such grandiose landscape by means of only one brush. On Vladimir Khokhlov's cloths not the fantasy, thought-up reality, and the existing places of a midland of Russia in which everyone at least once in life yes was, and enjoyed this inexpressible beauty is presented. From it many, at a view of such works, have a desire to order a picture with just the same or similar look.

Similar desire is feasible as Vladimir Khokhlov not only creates new magnificent landscapes, but also writes copies of the former works which are of particular interest at those who get acquainted with his creativity.

And it is worth getting acquainted with works of this uncommon painter by all means. Even if you are not going to order a picture, can just look at works by the master of a classical landscape – professionals will agree that it is decent works. There is both a refinement of coloristic scale, and a letter subtlety, and material understanding. And though almost each painter addresses this popular genre, at Vladimir Khokhlov landscapes turn out special, one may say, "hokhlovsky". Likely, at once you learn them and you will distinguish from others. To buy or order a picture like those that are presented in our gallery anyone can – this purchase will become big, valuable acquisition.

Not each artist can report so distinctly the images seen by him, scenes causing original delight, at last, the natural phenomena in all the completeness. Once you consider what works, what you see on our website, is the investigation of creative inspiration and multi-day laborious work on each such canvas. Persons interested to order a picture from a certain author have to mean that creative process takes place at all differently, and on writing of a cloth and also its copy can leave from a week to one and a half months. However, for the sake of good result sometimes it is worth and waiting several days.

Note to yourself works of Vladimir Khokhlov, the master of landscape painting. By the way, the artist paints pictures and in others of genres of the fine arts.

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