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Будэ Людмила
Painting height:
40 см
Painting width:
50 см
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11,000.00 РУБ

About artist

Будэ Людмила

Lyudmila Bude is an artist not by profession, and on calling. Looking at her pictures, it is impossible to think differently. Only the person who with ecstasy is going about the own business could create such delightful, impressing at first sight pictures. It is the real author's painting which just like that you will not find in gift shops or art galleries. Behind each work there is a long, laborious work and also passionate desire of the author to express beauty of the world around by means of a canvas and paints.

Lyudmila Ivanovna was born in 1957 in the city of Yaroslavl. Since the childhood very much liked to draw, participated in children's competitions and took prizes. Got fine art education, having graduated from the Yaroslavl art school. Many times practiced in the image of landscapes and scenes with types of wildlife therefore achieved skill of execution of works in this type of painting, developed faultless technical skills.

Lyudmila Bude, in addition to the passionate interest in drawing, likes to leave on the nature in free time. Obviously, combines business with pleasure: on trips the artist does sketches and etudes to the future pictures. Not casually on its many cloths in composition various reservoirs, the woods and fields at which the artist once spent a free time dominate.

In Russia author's painting is presented in all the variety. Behind each cloth there is an identity of his creator having own views and beliefs. And each artist wants to express in own way himself and the plan, resorting to traditional art means: to color, drawing, composition, texture of a basis, technology of putting paint, calculation of prospect and selection of the correct treatment of light and shade. Authors involve all means which are available in their arsenal to achieve desirable result, but at everyone something special turns out, special. It is also that author's painting which sometimes represent as the separate direction in art, not similar to anything another. Definitely, Lyudmila Bude's pictures differ in individual style and correspond to classical understanding of painting as to a type of the fine arts displaying personal impressions about surrounding reality means of expression inherent in it.

Kind of you treated representatives of creative professions, it is necessary to pay tribute to their ability to see and feel beauty of life and originality every moment. Unfortunately, not any person is capable to make out something surprising in simple and habitual natural phenomena, not remarkable views of the familiar for a long time area. Lyudmila Bude's pictures disclose beauty of the live world not visible with the naked eye, than first of all and are valuable to us.

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