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  • Абрамова Татьяна

    Tatyana Abramova is the professional artist who is engaged in painting not the first year. Paints in a traditional, classical manner in oils on a canvas, mainly landscapes though in a collection of its works there are both still lifes, and portraits which the artist custom-made. In the pictures it with a surprising accuracy reproduces the real Russian nature of a midland of Russia. Her works are full of undisguised love to the home ground, love unconditional and unconditional which the Russian person to the homeland can test. The artist especially well are successful in reservoirs with the trees which are reflected in them and other coastal vegetation. It is not casual that in each work of the master beauty of flora is complemented inexpressible with words by magnificence of a water smooth surface, always mirror and clear and unperturbable.

  • Будэ Людмила

    Lyudmila Ivanovna Bude was born in 1957 in the city of Yaroslavl. Since the childhood very much likes to draw, participated in children's competitions and took prizes. Got fine art education, having graduated from the Yaroslavl art school. Many times practiced in the image of landscapes and scenes with types of wildlife therefore achieved skill of execution of works in this type of painting, developed faultless technical skills.

  • Герасимова Наталья

    Natalya Gerasimova is the young artist (1986) who is engaged in painting already it is a lot of years, one may say, since the childhood. She is from Rostov. Studied in the Yaroslavl art school from which graduated in 2010 as "artist-painter". Takes active part in regional and all-Russian art exhibitions, and not so long ago participated in organization of an exposition "Architecture of the Yaroslavl region" on which submitted the pictures, etchings, engravings and city landscapes to the judgement of public.

  • Годустова Светлана

    Svetlana Godustova is a professional artist. Svetlana, how many remembers himself, always liked to draw that is quite natural to the child of parents with a creative profession. Her father Fedor Vdovin, the member of the Union of artists of Russia and the teacher of painting, in every possible way approved and indulged Svetlana's desire to go on its feet. As a result, it came to the Yaroslavl art school, one of the oldest educational institutions of the Yaroslavl region when the family returned from Syktyvkar where her father was on distribution after the end of training. By the way, in the same place, in Syktyvkar, in 1973 Svetlana was also born.

  • Денисенко Вадим

    Among Vadim Denisenko's works there are both marines, and river landscapes, and subject scenes, but most of all at the artist of the pictures painted in a genre of the Dutch still life. You can be convinced that images of fruit, the vegetables, flowers, kitchen utensils and other household items gathered in uniform composition turn out at Vadim Denisenko especially well.

  • Жуков Леонид

    Leonid Zhukov – the real virtuoso of a lyrical landscape. Its so warm cloths and light that, looking at them, involuntarily you forget all cares and alarms and entirely you plunge into the wonderful world of harmony and happiness. Leonid Zhukov's landscapes are a real paradise on the earth, the fantastic corners mislaid somewhere in the middle of open spaces of our immense homeland. Getting to the similar place, there is no wish to think about any pressing problems. Tranquility of the world around weakens and brings to a composure state when you feel as a whole with the nature and all living beings on the earth. It is difficult to find such state in turmoil of city life – to these and exclusive gifts of type of a picture as bring with themselves to the house the world and comfort are valuable.

  • Землин Вениамин

    Veniamin Zemlin was born in 1963 in the city Danilov of the Yaroslavl region. Since young years was fond of drawing. The first recognition came at school – the talent of the beginning artist was recognized by all schoolmates of Veni, not to mention the teacher. In 1979 Veniamin Zemlin came to one of the most glorified educational institutions of the Yaroslavl region – the Yaroslavl art school. After the successful end of training, in 1983 went to serve in ranks of the Soviet army. Having passed army service, closely was engaged in creativity and created the whole series of surrealistic cloths.  

  • Курицын Сергей

    Sergey Kuritsyn is a real master of a landscape. Some of its works are so expressive and realistic that it seems as if the skillful photographer imprinted this fantastic corner of the Russian nature on a film. It is no wonder that many at only one view of the similar creation created by the masterly genius have a desire to buy a picture for any money. This really true art penetrated by love and a worship for beauty of the home ground.  

  • Ладыгин Олег

    Oleg Ladygin derives the inspiration from the city of Tutaev now, however presents the pictures to the Moscow admirers of painting to a large extent. It is connected first of all with consumer ability and demand of professional painting, so it turns out that sale of pictures in Moscow and in other large cities goes several times better. To Oleg Ladygin, as well as other professional artists, often it is necessary to happen in the capital to participate in expositions and exhibitions of modern painting held by ART CITY gallery and other third-party organizers. Thus it is possible to draw to himself public attention and private collectors of painting, the interested rare and unique pictures.

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