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Лупийчук Виктор
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Лупийчук Виктор

As the professional artist Victor Lupiychuk (1947) paints the pictures already more than 25 years though interest in painting began to show in the childhood. One of authorities on the field of the fine arts known at that time G.V. Atrokhin, the member of the Union of artists of RSFSR was Victor Gerasimovich's teacher. He transferred the skills to pupils including to Victor. Councils and manuals of the teacher were embodied in creativity of V.G. Lupiychuk considering a duty strictly to follow instructions of the experienced teacher.

It is known that painting by oil – not the easiest type of drawing as sometimes work lasts for several months because each paint coat has to dry out properly. Therefore works by the Russian artists painting in oils are considered as technically more difficult, because and higher in the price. Accuracy of transfer of objects, forms, proportions, games of a treatment of light and shade play a part when forming the price tag on author's painting by oil too. In certain cases and the name of the artist as a recognizable brand, increases the final cost of a cloth.

In a collection of works of the artist – a cloth for every taste and the size. Mainly it is landscapes of country and rural areas. Victor Gerasimovich very much likes to go on an open-air with supporter friends, to be engaged in photography of the nature of the native land. Respectively, the most part of its works is written from nature, t.e directly on the place, and the others – on the basis of the sketches and sketches made during such creative trips. Painting by oil performed by Victor Lupiychuk is a realism in its best manifestation, severity of composition, fidelity to canons of classical school of drawing.

On the website of gallery very many pictures of authorship of Victor Lupiychuk are presented thanks to what visitors and potential buyers have an opportunity to get acquainted with works of the artist and to see different sides of his talent. Spring, winter, autumn, summer landscapes, still lifes and city panoramas eloquently speak about original skill and professionalism of the painter. If the scope of works of the author is close to you, surely be late in this section more attentively to study all presented samples and, perhaps, to stop on some of them the choice.

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