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Лешин Виктор
Painting height:
30 см
Painting width:
40 см
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5 000,00 руб


About artist

Лешин Виктор

Victor Leshin draws generally landscapes and comic pictures with the image of animals, mainly cats and cats. Its works are more similar to illustrations to animated movies, but are executed with big diligence and love therefore from simple drawings of comic subject the real cloths creating a house cozy situation in a country house and at the dacha turn out. As one of options, it is possible to buy a picture as a gift to those who adore cats and any manual wild beasts.

Get acquainted with a collection of the painting of Victor Leshin presented in our online gallery of pictures – it is possible, you will want to be bought a picture of other subject. This author has a number of the works performed in a landscape genre in absolutely classical style. These are not illustrations to cheerful history any more, and the real cloths capable to decorate an interior of the living room or small room. Such landscapes will be suitable for an office, office, the conference hall, a reception. Depending on personal preferences, it can be not striking works which are not too distinguished from other objects, or, on the contrary, the bright and attracting to themselves all spectator attention canvases where there is both a violence of paints, and the scene which is memorable at first sight. Generally, buy pictures in art gallery with various purposes – perhaps, you have the.

Kind of you treated similar creativity, works like what is presented to your attention by Victor Leshin, always raise a smile and genuine interest. When you buy a picture with an amusing plot and will hang up it at yourself, joy and fun will lodge in your house, and each guest will surely pay attention to the image with a funny cat and an amusing mouse – an extra reason to smile and think of something good, kind and pleasant.

You will find various works of painting, including a picture with landscapes, flowers and fruit in our gallery. But anybody has no such good-natured and lovely sketches written by the artist heartily, except as at Victor Leshin.

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