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Янов Виктор
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Янов Виктор

Victor Leonidovich Yanov was born in 1949 in the ancient Russian city of Yaroslavl. Got a profile education in 1976 in art school of the hometown, and still works as the graphic designer, regularly participating in various exhibitions and competitions. Creative abilities of Victor Yanov are not limited only to painting: besides creation of the attractive and memorable pictures on a canvas the artist also loves the national song and takes active part in concert activity of chorus "Volga Dawns". Professional education, the correct esthetic education, the serious relation to business allowed Victor Leonidovich to create magnificent pictures on a canvas according to canons of classical art.

Cloths of authorship of Victor Yanov are executed in traditional style of the Russian painting and can decorate a house interior not bad. Expressive, really fantastic landscapes of this gifted artist will perfectly look in any room of the apartment, but is especially advantageous – in the nursery, since young years imparting the child taste to fine and love to the unique Russian nature. Both summer, and winter landscapes of Yanov are filled with bright paints, a game of a treatment of light and shade; the artist is capable to disclose beauty of any season: both bright fall, and hot summer, and severe winter, and the blossoming spring. Violence of an autumn crimson dye and transparency of winter air, saturated greens of summer and charm of virgin spring foliage – everything is subject to a brush of the artist Yanov.

Each buyer can find at Victor Yanov the work to the taste which will remind him of the home ground. Such picture on a canvas will become a magnificent gift not only for our compatriots, but also for foreign guests. In Victor Yanov's landscapes the aspiration of the author to correspond to traditions of classical Russian painting, by the right of taking the deserved place in the most prestigious museums of the world is noticeable. The academic manner of the author allows to reach such understanding and display of an essence of beauty of the Russian nature which is not subject any, even to the most perfect photography equipment.

Victor Yanov on the cloths not only stops a moment, but does it really fine. Each of works of the master deserves special attention from admirers of classical painting.

the Russian painting, fantastic landscape, winter landscapes, summer landscapes, pictures for a house interior

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