Березовый шелест

Луговской Владимир
Painting height:
30 см
Painting width:
40 см
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8 000,00 руб


About artist

Луговской Владимир

Vladimir Lugovskoy (1952) is a professional artist and has vast experience of drawing in different genres, however gives preference to landscapes which he writes out always with great love and assiduity.

Vladimir Nikolaevich passed a long career: in 1978 he graduated from the well-known Yaroslavl art school and since then never gave up favourite business. Repeatedly participated in regional and all-Russian exhibitions at us and abroad, held the personal exhibitions making stunning success among admirers of his creativity and representatives of community of critics of the fine arts. A number of private art galleries acquired works of the author for the collections, and a part of cloths went abroad to the new owners.

Vladimir Lugovskoy as the true artist, does not think of the existence without creativity therefore in addition to painting he earns additionally the master designer by request for various organizations. It is given to business with the head that eventually also he could be with result satisfied, and the customer of pictures.

Here, on the website of ART CITY art gallery, tens of cloths of the artist are presented: each visitor can get acquainted closely with works of the talented painter and like the same feelings that the author tested, creating such warm and light pictures causing the various poetic images and associations lovely to heart of any Russian person in memory. Some landscapes represent scenes with rural landscapes: regularity of life in the village, the slow course of time, improbable self-sufficiency and integrity of everything represented bring to equilibrium state and a pacification at only one view of a cloth.

Not each art gallery has an opportunity to cooperate with artists, really strong in respect of painting. Among the other works presented on our website, Vladimir Lugovsky's pictures differ in the sincerity and inimitableness, author's we understand essences of creative process and ability to express the relation to the world on a canvas by means of a brush and paints.

If you experience nervousness or elation, looking at Vladimir Lugovsky's works, so creativity of this author resounds with your attitude. Therefore, you found the artist capable to express your feelings and emotions, and it costs much.

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