Бегущая река

Федорцев Александр
Painting height:
60 см
Painting width:
80 см
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14 000,00 руб

About artist

Федорцев Александр

The artist Alexander Fedortsev draws the most various plots which are developed against the background of the beautifull places sometimes making a composition basis. The majority of works of the artist – are more than just views of rural areas or anonymous corners of the Central European part of Russia. On them mini-scenes which maintenance can be interpreted absolutely differently are presented. One human figure placed in cloth composition suffices and before us there is a small fragment of the whole action where the leading role nevertheless remains behind the nature and its incomparable beauty. Such remarkable works in the art relation perfectly are suitable for registration of the room. One more option of practical purpose of a cloth is a picture as a gift. Landscape sketches and plots are still popular and, likely, will never get out of fashion.

It is known that in the beginning the landscape was not the separate direction in painting, and served as a background in pictures of other subjects: portraits, still lifes, genre scenes. But eventually it was issued in the independent type of painting singing of magnificence of the live world. Today all artists test in a landscape genre, and at many quite good works turn out. Everyone the technician of execution chooses for himself one of traditional: drawing by transparent paints, negative transparent paint, technology of granulation. But those who looks for a picture as a gift have no need to stuff the head with any terms and specific names from craft of artists – it is better to be guided by own reasons about advantages of the chosen picture as a gift and the personal relation to represented.

In search of a suitable art cloth stop the look at Alexander Fedortsev's works – perhaps, you will find in them something bigger, than ordinary country types. In each work by the author there is some riddle which can be solved only at attentive acquaintance to a cloth. Not all artists seek to put deep contents in the creations. Alexander Fedortsev draws landscapes, reflecting in a canvas the feelings, emotions from what was seen, the intimate thoughts, reflections which arose in the course of drawing. From it the final image becomes nasyshchenny, mnogogranny. Such effective works approach also as a picture as a gift, and a souvenir for the memory of the Russian land and its incomparable beauty.

If you did not stop the choice on any specific author yet, pay attention to the collection of cloths of Alexander Fedortsev presented in our picture online gallery.

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