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Перцев Владимир
Painting height:
40 см
Painting width:
30 см
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8 000,00 руб

About artist

Перцев Владимир

Vladimir Pertsev is a professional artist, there are already a lot of years engaged in painting by oil paints. Among its works there are mainly still lifes with flowers and landscapes of the Mediterranean cities, at the same time a part of works is written to them in a classical manner, and a part – in impressionistic style. Strong emotions and experiences of the author are reflected in a coloristic system of a canvas – the bright colors sated tone, various combinations of paints perfectly transfer individual vision of objects and a situation. Its canvases very much remind the well-known masterpieces of the 20th century of great impressionists Armand Guillomen, Gustave Caybott, Alfred Sisley drawing not only human figures, but also various landscapes. The artist kind of seeks to show all paints of the world surrounding us in the works – through the scenes represented by it, objects, things.

Visitors of our art online gallery have an opportunity to admire works of painting of modern artists and also to order a picture in Moscow from the catalog of the presented works. The cloths offered for sale are sent by mail to all regions of the country. In certain cases, if work was acquired earlier by other buyer, time that the artist wrote the copy of this cloth is required. Much more simply than subjects who orders a picture in Moscow – it can be taken away independently from art gallery.

What else should be remembered, ordering a picture in Moscow? The master can specially write at your request not the exact copy, but a similar cloth with other color or composite accents – with a new background, additional attributes, other organization of space and composition. Still it is necessary to understand that painting is a handwork, and from the very beginning it is impossible to count that the author will write the absolute copy of the specified cloth, exactly as the original. Besides, ordering a picture in Moscow from the artist, it is possible to expect that a new job will be got even better and more professionally former, as as you understand, with the next, applied on a canvas stroke also the author's skill is perfected.

Choose that among Vladimir Pertsev's pictures that is closer to you on spirit and style of registration, and seize the presented opportunity to buy the real handiwork of the professional artist.

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