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  • Селин Валерий

    Valery Selin is from Yaroslavl. Having been born in 1970, it grew at the ordinary boy, nothing differing from peers and not showing inclinations of future artist in any way. Among the moments standing attention in its biography – the termination in 1984 of high school, receipt in technical training college. Further existence went according to the standard scenario: formation of living positions, search of the place and purpose in this world. And among all other there was still no minimum place for occupations even drawing. Perhaps, as an obstacle served congenital daltonism of Valery or own disbelief in talent of the painter, but, most likely, the destiny just gradually trained him for abrupt turn. 

  • Федорцев Александр

    The artist Alexander Fedortsev draws the most various plots which are developed against the background of the beautifull places sometimes making a composition basis. The majority of works of the artist – are more than just views of rural areas or anonymous corners of the Central European part of Russia. On them mini-scenes which maintenance can be interpreted absolutely differently are presented. One human figure placed in cloth composition suffices and before us there is a small fragment of the whole action where the leading role nevertheless remains behind the nature and its incomparable beauty. Landscape sketches and plots are still popular and, likely, will never get out of fashion.

  • Хохлов Владимир

    Vladimir Khokhlov's pictures are classical landscapes of the Russian nature. Judging by the pictures presented in our catalog, the artist among numerous subjects for the works chooses such which correspond more to his internal spirit and preferences. As it is possible to see, in pictures images of the rivers and coastal space which together form traditional composition for a landscape cloth prevail. The artist, apparently, admires and admires beauty of early morning on the river, the beginning of new day, in the serene afternoon, evening twilight. All scenes look so natural that it is necessary to be surprised how the hand of the person could draw such grandiose landscape by means of only one brush.

  • Чердаков Вячеслав

    Vyacheslav Cherdakov (1955) is from the city of Rakvere (Estonia). Graduated from Children's art school in the city of Rybinsk in 1970. Got the professional art education in the well-known Yaroslavl art school. Upon termination of study in 1978 went to work in the specialty: from 1978 to 2000 was the head of graphic studio in Recreation center of the village of Dyudkovo (The Rybinsk district). Now holds personal exhibitions, participates in various art exhibitions. The list of creative achievements of Vyacheslav Cherdakov can be continued. However, that more important for those who for the first time get acquainted with works by this painter it is quantity of positive responses of judges of painting.

  • Янов Виктор

    Victor Leonidovich Yanov was born in 1949 in the ancient Russian city of Yaroslavl. Got a profile education in 1976 in art school of the hometown, and still works as the graphic designer, regularly participating in various exhibitions and competitions. Creative abilities of Victor Yanov are not limited only to painting: besides creation of the attractive and memorable pictures on a canvas the artist also loves the national song and takes active part in concert activity of chorus "Volga Dawns". Professional education, the correct esthetic education, the serious relation to business allowed Victor Leonidovich to create magnificent pictures on a canvas according to canons of classical art.

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